IMDetect MSN Sniffer

IMDetect MSN Sniffer 3.0

MSN Sniffer captures and saves every MSN conversation on a network
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MSN Sniffer is designed to locate, capture and save any MSN conversation on a network. All the conversations are saved to a previously set directory on your computer’s hard disk. This office and domestic tool offers a good way to record conversations, and export them in a straightforward way.

The program runs undetectably in complete quietness, there’s no need to install any supplementary software or plug-ins on other computers. The utility can export the recorded messages as HTML files, which can be viewed in any web browser. Moreover, even when exported as HTML, the output file keeps the MSN text format (preserving the size, font, italic, color, bold, etc.).

It is a handy program for supervisors who need to control any possible information leakages, how much time employees waste chatting or if they chat at all; or for parents who want to guard their child’s safety when chatting via MSN; or anybody else who wants to be in command and aware of what’s being chatted about.

MSN Sniffer features a nice interface, and it’s quite simple to use: all you have to do is run the application on any computer connected to a network to start recording MSN conversations. When looking for already recorded conversations, MSN Sniffer offers a nice searching feature, with a few filters to perform an accurate search, allowing you to find the file you are looking for. The utility also has an IP filter, to select what IP's you wish to monitor and which to ignore.

MSN Sniffer offers a free trial for you to try it, check out its features and see how smoothly it runs. Once the trial version expires, you can purchase a license. When purchasing a license, you will get much more than a copy of the program, you'll also receive technical and personalized support, product upgrades, and discounts on further upgrading. The minimun number of licenses you can purchase is 5, meaning that you'll be able to monitor only 5 PC's of a network.

Tomas O'Rourke
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  • Easy to use
  • Allows its user to export conversations as html files


  • Number of IP's that can be monitored is limited to the number of licenses you buy
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